COD Rules

Committee on Discipline Rules Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Revised August 2020

I.          Purpose and Authority of the Committee on Discipline

II.         Jurisdiction of the COD

III.        Interim or Administrative Actions

IV.        The COD Process is Private and Internal

V.         Definitions

VI.        Process for Filing a Complaint with the COD

VII.       Process for Choosing a Particular Resolution Process

VIII.      Process for Respondents to Respond to the Three Forms of Complaint

IX.        Hearing Procedures

X.         Sanctioning Panel Procedures

XI.        Sanctions

XII.       Appeals

XIII.      Special Procedures for Handling MIT Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaints

XIV.      Sexual Misconduct Hearing Procedures (Non-Title IX Sexual Harassment)

XV.       Sexual Misconduct Sanctioning Panel Procedure

XVI.      Title IX Sexual Harassment Hearing Procedures

XVII.    Special Procedures for Handling Allegations Against Former Students and Former Student Organizations

XVIII.    Membership

XIX.      Policy Questions and Revisions

COD Rules in PDF

In addition to the HTML format above, the current COD Rules are available as a PDF.  Printed copies of the COD Rules are available from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Please note: The COD Rules have changed, effective August 14, 2020; the above link contains the newest PDF copy of the rules and the above weblinks have been updated to the new rules. You can find the PDF copy of the rules effective February 2019 through August 13, 2020 below. 


Archive of Past COD Rules

In addition to the current edition of the COD Rules posted above, a copy of the past COD rules are provided for your reference: