Resources and Links

The following is a list of resources that people interested in the COD might find useful.  These links are provided for information only.


Mind and Hand Book
Academic Integrity Handbook
MIT Housing Policies
Institute Policies and Procedures
MIT Bulletin

Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

FAQ for complainants
FAQ for respondents
Academic Integrity Information for Faculty


Preventing and Addressing Sexual Misconduct
Haze Free MIT

Personal Support

The COD recognizes that it can often be difficult to find yourself the victim of misconduct or responding to an allegation that you violated MIT policy.  The COD encourages you to seek and receive personal support during this process.  Resources at MIT for this include:

Mental Health and Counseling
Alcohol and Other Drug Services
Violence Prevention and Response

Student Disability and Access Services

The COD is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for students with disabilities.  If you have a disability and need an accommodation to participate in any part of the COD process, please contact Disability and Access Services at 617-253-1674 or

Law Enforcement

MIT Police
Cambridge Police
Boston Police