The process that COD uses to resolve allegations is transparent to the entire community, as are the aggregate results of COD's work.  COD releases this aggregate data publicly to inform students, faculty, and staff at MIT about its actions as a way of increasing knowledge, providing information to those considering raising an allegation to the COD, and giving context to students involved in a COD case.  In order to protect the privacy of impacted individuals and ensure that members of our community feel comfortable coming forward to report an incident, the decisions reached in individual cases must remain private; decisions are released only to the students involved in each case and to MIT officials who need to know.

Each year, the Chair of the Committee on Discipline and the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards submit a report to the President of the Institute and Chair of the Faculty describing the activities of COD for the preceding year.  These reports include aggregate data.  The annual reports from the last several years are linked below.

In addition to presenting a written report, the Chair of COD and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards give an annual review of the COD's activities once per year at a Faculty Meeting.  The minutes of those meetings are available online to members of the MIT community.